50 Hikes in New Jersey

When ever I start reading someone’s blog, I always scroll back to the first blog post ever. I like to read about the initial drive for writing in the first place. Why do they want to put it all out there? Where did it all begin?

For me it begins with my 24th birthday. Yesterday, I officially hit my mid-twenties and with any milestone, I made a new goal: to hike New Jersey. I’ve been meaning to get the book “50 Hikes in New Jersey” as a guide to the best trails in the state. Today I have it! 50 adventures waiting to be had!

Later on, I’ll give you some background on my experience hiking (slim to none,) why I’m in New Jersey in the first place (Jersey chose me,) and which hikes are on the agenda.

Welcome to the blog and happy hiking!

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4 thoughts on “50 Hikes in New Jersey

  1. Sounds interesting! Hike on in here with some good stuff ( and pictures?) See ya’ soon

  2. I’d be interested in comparing notes. What I bring today on Hike 53 is a lot more than what I brought on hike #1. As the seasons change, as the length of your hikes change, as your dog’s needs change, you’ll find you’ll bring different things. My husband is in Search and Rescue – and he MAKES me bring certain things. How would it look if I got lost and he had to call in the troops? They ask him if I have certain equipment and he says no. Bad form. I can’t do it. I look forward to following your journey!

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