Spring Forward at Schooley’s Mountain

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Today I found myself short an hour, so I decided to start with a short hike in Morris County.  Sometimes you find yourself with limited hours in the day, and for that, Schooley’s Mountain County Park was the perfect choice. The hike runs 3 miles on mostly rocky terrain. I was able to complete it in about 2 hours occasionally pausing to take pictures and breaking for water.

50 Hikes in New Jersey rates the hike easy and I agree, although you really have to stay alert with the rocky footing in some areas. It’s not easy enough to rush through while playing Words with Friends, and with the first half of the trail hugging close to the lively Electric Brook, I doubt you’d want to. The Park is deemed pet friendly, and most people I saw brought their four-legged friend. And their special someone. Speaking of people, there were quite a lot on the first half of the trail. Around every corner you’d bump into another happy hiking couple and their pooch. However, no one seemed to venture past the blue trail onto the white, yellow or red trails.

I followed the suggested route in my book: beginning with the Blue trail just left of Lake George and continuing to the Yellow trail until the end. I won’t go into many details on navigation because the trails were all easily marked and at every junction, there was a clear wooden sign pointing in the direction of the parking lot. Outside of the wooded area, the park contains many picnic areas, open green spaces and even a small beach next to Lake George.

The 3 mile hike left me wanting more, though, in only 2 hours you get a lot of bang for your buck. As an added bonus, I got to see some horse-back riders as I was leaving!

Hike #1 = Complete! Happy spring everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Spring Forward at Schooley’s Mountain

  1. Cyndra says:

    i love how you put the photos into a slideshow! so cute and creative! and what a cute dog! whats his or her name? i have the same type of dog. I’ll definitely head over there soon now that you mention it with my doggie and my husband!

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