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Catching the Hiking Bug

You know the feeling. That itch to get outdoors and soak up the sunshine. Whether it was during family camping trips, joining an outdoors club in college or dating a nature aficionado, all hikers can remember when they first discovered the love of being out on the trail. Believe it or not, my inspiration to begin hiking did not start in the great state New Jersey.  I caught the bug far away in the mountains of Tibet.

Check out the jeans and socks on that hiking newbie.

A year ago, in the spring of 2011, I found myself thrust into my first backpacking journey. My professor in China led us on mid-semester trip through the Tibetan Autonomous Region. He warned us that it would not be a tourist trip and gave us a long list of necessary items. So, I bought all the gear and I was that person: the novice who buys all the gear before actually trying out the activity. I didn’t know why I would need a pocket knife, but I had one just in case.

Got a deal on that knock-off North Face.

After realizing I could survive without proper toilets (truly a shock) and could hike mountains without spraining my ankle, I came to enjoy nature and the lands untouched by humans. There was something too about the camaraderie that formed on that trip, that you couldn’t find in another setting.

Through the gate, toward adventure!

After I returned to the states, I took a good hard look at the hiking boots I was required to buy for this one trip. The outdoor adventures must continue–even in New Jersey, the unlikeliest of all places.

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50 Hikes in New Jersey

When ever I start reading someone’s blog, I always scroll back to the first blog post ever. I like to read about the initial drive for writing in the first place. Why do they want to put it all out there? Where did it all begin?

For me it begins with my 24th birthday. Yesterday, I officially hit my mid-twenties and with any milestone, I made a new goal: to hike New Jersey. I’ve been meaning to get the book “50 Hikes in New Jersey” as a guide to the best trails in the state. Today I have it! 50 adventures waiting to be had!

Later on, I’ll give you some background on my experience hiking (slim to none,) why I’m in New Jersey in the first place (Jersey chose me,) and which hikes are on the agenda.

Welcome to the blog and happy hiking!

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