The 50 Hikes

  1. South of High Point
  2. Rattlesnake Swamp to Catfish Pond
  3. Mount Tammany
  4. Appalachian Trail Backpack
  5. Schuber Trail, End to End
  6. Ramapo Lake, Ramapo State Forest
  7. Ringwood Manor Circular
  8. Skylands Manor
  9. Governor Manor
  10. Wyanokie Circular
  11. Carris Hill
  12. Torne Mountain-Osio Rock
  13. Terrace Pond
  14. Bearfort Ridge
  15. Pequannock Watershed
  16. Wawayanda State Park
  17. Stairway to Heaven
  18. Pyramid Mountain
  19. Mount Hope Historical Park
  20. Mahlon Dickerson Reservation
  21. Jenny Jump State Forest
  22. Point Mountain
  23. Schooley’s Mountain County Park
  24. Black River Trails
  25. Merrill Creek Reservoir
  26. Jockey Hollow
  27. Scherman-Hoffman Wildlife Sanctuary
  28. Palisades
  29. South Mountain Reservation
  30. Watchung Reservation
  31. Washington Valley State Park
  32. Sourland Mountain Preserve
  33. Washington Crossing to Schudder’s Falls
  34. D & R Canal, Bull’s Island to Prallsville
  35. D & R Canal, Kingston to Griggstown
  36. D & R Canal, Weston to East Millstone
  37. Six Mile Run Preserve
  38. Sandy Hook
  39. Cheesequake State Park
  40. Hartshorne Woods Park
  41. Allaire State Park
  42. Cattus Island*
  43. Island Beach State Park
  44. Wells Mills County Park
  45. Bass River State Forest
  46. Brendan T. Byrne (Lebanon) State Forest
  47. Carranza Memorial to Apple Pie Hill
  48. Mullica River Wilderness
  49. Parvin State Park
  50. Belleplain Stat Forest, East Creek Trail

I would like to thank Bruce Scofield, Stella Green and H. Neil Zimmerman the authors of 50 Hikes in New Jersey for their hard work in compiling this list.

*I have horrific memories of visiting this park as a child. More on this later.


3 thoughts on “The 50 Hikes

  1. trail-hike-life says:

    Good luck with the 50 hikes! I am a new hiker and blogger. I would like to to hear about your hikes since some are in my neck of the woods. Thanks!

    • Hello Frank! Nice to meet another hiking/blogging newbie. Looks like I’m about a month your senior–in blogging anyway. I look forward to hearing about your own journeys as well. Happy hiking!

  2. piojosa says:

    Hi GSH, I was searching for other people’s comments on the 50 hikes and found your page. I wonder if you’ve made any progress with the 50 hikes? I see the first one is done.

    I just bought the book, and i’ve spent the last 2 hours picking a few for me and my dog to do do before it gets too cold. 🙂

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